Welcome to Golem City

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Golem City is a city of living humanoid rocks, who call themselves Craggs. Most don’t have a personality, just a function; they are the city watch, soldiers, food producers, merchants, laborers, etc.

A very few have a quasi life, a personality but no memory of previous times, the city is ancient, and the craggs remember it to have always been that way.

The Blue Entrance

Recently, the Blue Entrance became active again. It is a huge, freestanding archway in the center of Golem City. Inside the arch is a magical blue portal which serves as a one-way gateway to the city from other planes across the multiverse.

Once in a while, travelers from other planes will find a blue doorway. This doorway only shows itself to adventurers – capable, cooperative people with grit and determination.

The shape and material of this doorway varies, but the color is always blue. It appears where there was no door before, or sometimes, an existing door spontaneously turns blue when no-one is looking. No matter the situation, adventurers are compelled to enter, and once they step through the doorway, they arrive in Golem City.

The City

Anyone who arrives through the Blue Entrance is now considered a citizen of Golem City, and is treated as such. The city has everything it needs to accommodate adventurers. Adventurers are housed in barracks and provided with simple food, free of charge. Better housing and food is available at standard rates, but there is no other food source within the city. If adventurers want anything more, they need to venture out into the unknown and bring back what they want.

If there is a spectacle, the craggs will join in or participate as an audience might, but they are unable to create any entertainment on their own. Craggs can sell adventurers all equipment listed in chapter 5 of the Basic Rules, with the notable exception of animals and food products (rations are available, but consist of the same bland material as the other food that is available). Additionally, if adventurers set up a supply chain, craggs will adapt and start crafting ‘common’ items. Providing even a single specimen of food or animals (‘Beast’ type) to Rumble the Provisioner will allow the craggs to create others of the kind in any amount required (for the price listed in the source, see Equipment).

If more space is needed to accommodate new citizens, the city mysteriously grows, and new golems appear as needed.

Welcome to Golem City

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