Setting up a Session

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Quest Marches are all about player agency.

When you want schedule a session, you will need to fulfill four requisites:

  1. Quest: You can look in the forums for either DM Quest Seeds, pick up a Mystery from a previously played session, or create a Quest Hook (or use an existing Player Created Quest Hook)
  2. Group (Players & DM): Browse either of the three forums above, if you find a hook you’re interested in, reply with “Interested” and write which days/times you are available for a game! If you notice that at least 3 players are interested at the same day/time, message the DMs to request a game. Group sizes should be 3 – 5 players and one DM.
  3. Place: The campaign is agnostic1 regarding where and how you play. If you can play in-person safely, that’s great. If you need to play online, you can choose any virtual tabletop (VTT), or run the whole session over the phone as theater-of-the-mind.
    Adventures should complete in just one session and start and end at the hub in Golem City. If you can’t wrap the adventure up in one session, and you are able to schedule a follow-up session, you can do that as well. This episodic approach makes it easy on the DMs to prepare material for that session and can accommodate a large player base, increasing the chances to get a suitable group together.
  4. Money: A DM will spend time, effort, and money to prepare your session. To offset this, we will charge $5 US per player per session. Your DM will let you know by when you need to pay, and what forms of payment they accept.

1 we have some recommendations for VTT, though ;)

Setting up a Session

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