Golem City Equipment

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Golem City grows and changes as the adventurers bring back new items from their explorations.

Originally only equipment found in chapter 5 of the Basic Rules can be purchased, with the notable exception of food items and animals.

You can also sell non-magical equipment as described under Selling Treasure in the Basic Rules: Arms, Armor, and Other Equipment at half list price; Gems, Jewelry, and Art Objects as well as Trade Goods and Other at full list price.

Additional non-magical equipment can be ‘unlocked’ during gameplay by returning samples to the various Golem specialists. These items will be listed here in the table below:

General Goods
Name Cost Weight Description
Rations (1 day) 5 sp 2 lbs made of the same bland food available anywhere else in the city
Potion of Healing 50 gp You regain 2d4 +2 hit points when you drink this potion, its red liquid glimmers when agitated
Potion of Greater Healing 200 gp You regain 4d4 + 4 hit points when you drink this potion. The potion’s red liquid glimmers when agitated.
Raw Materials
Name Type Description
Explosive Powder Consumable Powder that ignites when placed next to a flame, found in the blood mines
Plant Nursery
Name Type Description
Algoe Vera Plant Found in Ultima’s home. The look like aloe vera but they’re glowing. Good for burns and other medicinal purposes
Corn Plant Delicious corn originally from Stirvus’ garden in Ostevold
Mooncactus Plant Cactus found growing in the desert canyons. Drinking the liquid found inside causes hallucinations
Mint Plant Found near the riverbed in the woods. Good for tea and cooking. Awakens the senses
Pumpkin Plant Delicious pumpkin originally from Stirvus’ garden in Ostenvold
Rosemary Plant Found near the riverbed in the woods. Good for cooking

Golem City Equipment

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