Character Level Advancement

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We are using milestone leveling to advance your character’s level.

You will receive “Journal MileStones” (JMS) (pronounced ’jims" for ease) as currency. The total amount of JMS you have earned indicates the highest level your character can be1. How you can earn those is described here. The number of JMS you need to have earned to reach each level is in the table below.

To keep player strength balanced over the campaign, we will regulate magic items as you advance as well. You may have a number of magic items and rarity as shown in the table below. You may choose a lower rarity item instead of a higher allowed one.

During a quest, you may use any magic items encountered, but once that adventure concludes, you need to turn extra items back into the armory.

However, if you do not encounter any magic items, you may freely chose from the list of items in the armory to fill your allowed items. Also, if you want to swap out items, you may freely do so when in the hub. ( Special note on magic items you encountered during adventuring)

This guarantees that every player has equal opportunity to own magic items.

Scrolls and potions do not count towards that limit, and are not available in the armory.


1 You may choose to not advance your characters level, if you prefer playing at a certain tier.

Character Level Advancement

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