Character Generation

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creating additional characters/character death

Your character must be available online for any DM to view and be listed here on Obsidian Portal. You do not have to fill a character sheet on Obsidian Portal (it is a viable option, though), but you must at least create a character entry and link to your online character sheet (DnDbeyond is a great resource, and many of our DMs are able to share content with you there, so chat any of us up if you want to use it). This link will allow you to create a character with all current source books, for example.

Here is a Google sheets DnD 5e character sheet if your character wouldn’t easily fit into DnD beyond(such as using the Ancestry and Culture supplement linked at the bottom) or you just prefer it.

You will be responsible to find a way to post the character online, you can use any online hosting service that can be accessed publicly (without having to make an account to view). (Google Drive for example)

A player character may originate from any setting1 of any world within Dungeons and Dragons, but they must be an adventurer and willing to cooperate with other player characters.

You may use any official material of D&D to create your character.

You may use either the standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) or the point buy method as described in chapter 1.3 of the Basic Rules.

[Link to Point Buy Calculator for your convenience (27 point limit)]

Your character starts with the maximum hit points possible for your class at level 1, and the fixed value for your hit dice for every additional levels.

Additionally you may use these supplements:

1 Acquisitions Inc and Rick & Morty are permitted, but the ‘theme’ of the adventures may not reflect the implied settings, so proceed with caution

Character Generation

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