Alternate or New Characters

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If you are unhappy with your character and want to make changes to them, you may do so until you have reached level 5. During levels 1 – 4, you may change any aspect but the character name while still following character generation and advancement rules laid out on this website.

If you want to create a character in addition to an existing one, you may do so, but you will accrue JMS for each character separately as you play them. A JMS awarded to one character may not be traded to another.

In case your character died and you do not have the means to revive or resurrect them during gameplay, you may sacrifice an existing JMS to revive the character at full HP in Golem City.

Alternately, instead of reviving the deceased character, you may create a new character with the same value of JMS minus one.

You may also voluntarily retire a character to create a new one at the retired character’s JMS value minus one.

Alternate or New Characters

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