Player name: Michael/ MJ
Class: Barbarian/ Druid
Ancestry: Firbolg
Culture: Firbolg
Total JMS: 5

Stump’s Character Sheet


My clan has lived in the Great Wild Woods for as long as anyone can remember. Harmony with nature is our clans goal and each of us have a deep understanding of this from a young age. Before we are accepted as adults within the clan every member must partake on a personal quest. This quest is different for each of us but it starts the same: we partake in special mushrooms which give us visions we must follow before we can truly be in harmony with nature. My quest gave me the vision of a blue door within an old tree deep in the forest. I travelled for days to reach this door-laden tree following the landmarks I saw in my vision. After finally finding the door I was a bit nervous because my vision stopped at the door. I’ve never understood riddles or clues, usually relying on my strength to get things done, so I punched the door when I found it to be locked. What do you know that did the trick! The door shattered… then sucked me in. The last thing I remember is falling backward and seeing the stars light up the sky. I woke up to a figure made from rock with a white cap and red cross atop what I assumed was it’s head. She called herself the nurse and welcomed me to Golem City.


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