Keon Brightflame


Player Name: Nick/Clash
Class: Forge Cleric
Ancestry: Dragonborn (Gold)
Culture: Dwarven

Current Character Level: 4

Keon’s Character Sheet
Keon’s Character Token [for VTT]

Keon is a proven blacksmith, whose always happy to help.
He has a tendency to joke at occasions where humor is inappropriate but always has plan for what to do when things go wrong.


I’m searching for my long lost younger brother, Ryn. I don’t know how the Dwarven Clan Rralt got a hold of our eggs, but Ryn and I were part of the same nest. I hatched a few months before Ryn.

The last memory I have of him is from when we were in our early teens. We were rough-housing in a celebration of his birthday; he was showing me how strong he’d become. The next day he’d gone missing with hardly a trace. From then on, I’ve spent a lot of my time an energy training and searching for him, following any lead I could find.

When I became an adult, I joined The Harpers the first opportunity I could. They stand to fight against similar atrocious acts that I have experienced, having a family member stolen away. I haven’t had the best luck in finding Ryn. I got word of this “Blue Portal” in an “Obsidian Archway”. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of it but I came to find more and more evidence (as well as divine guidance), telling me that I would find answers by investigating this “Obsidian Portal”.

Keon Brightflame

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