Cacqueline Q'ro

A smoggy swamp hag with a foul scowl and a fouler cookbook.


Player Name: Phil / phillycheesesteak
Class: Artificer
JMS: 6
Ancestry: Fire Genasi
Culture: Air Genasi, former acolyte of Akadi
(yes that’s totally a janky Voltron recolor)

Character sheet
Model and tokens


Born to a Fire Genasi vizier and an Air Genasi priestess, Cacqueline endured petty cruelties from both sides of the family. Her wind-ensouled peers at the Temple of Akadi pretended to choke on her smoky stench, and the noble sons of her father’s political allies made a game of burning holes in her robes.

As a youth, she tried desperately to devote herself to the clerical order – but a failed spell filled the testing hall with noxious smog that nearly smothered her father and several fellow acolytes. The writing clearly on the wall, Cacqueline fled elemental society to live alone as a witch, cursing her nature.

She thrust open the temple’s front gate – not noticing the odd smell of moss it had taken on – and found herself tumbling through a tall, blue portal…

She now inhabits Golem City with only meager comforts. Here, she bitterly researches both natural and magical cosmetics to snuff out her smoke. She hopes one day to return to her home, dazzling with beauty and fragrance, to wipe the smirks off of those who dared laugh at her.

And then maybe blow them up, or something? She hasn’t decided.

Cacqueline Q'ro

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