Abel d'Argenan

Hard-drinking, charismatic half-elven Warlock


Player: Steve Pool
Current JMS: 6

Abel enjoys flaunting his wealth and status and dresses and speaks like a gentleman from the upper classes. He typically wears expensive clothes under an expensive surcoat. He is handsome and very charismatic, smooth and persuasive in his speech, and is an excellent socializer and storyteller. Many people over the years have fallen under his spell.

He can also be quite cynical, caustic, and critical, though he usually tries not to lead with that. He’s quick tempered by nature and won’t hesitate to tell others to “fuck off” if they are annoying him, and he’s not afraid to start, or finish, a fight.

Having grown up impoverished and abused, Abel is very protective of the weak and downtrodden in society and won’t tolerate others abusing them.

He drinks a lot, oftentimes to excess. He will claim to anyone who points this out that this is how he “communes with the Divine.” Not even those who know him well know if this is true or not.

He is of average height, just under six feet, and thin, almost lanky. He has shoulder-length dark hair and a close-cropped beard, dark eyes, and olive-toned skin.

Link to Abel’s sheet on D&D Beyond.


Abel is the bastard child of an elvish noble and an impoverished human serving wench. Naturally his father had denied that Abel was his and had abandoned his mother and him to a life of hardship and poverty. While Abel was still an adolescent, a plague swept through the land and his mother fell victim to it. Not long after, Siella Redellyn, a wealthy wizard of great power and influence, met the now urchin Abel and brought him to Whitlocke, an orphanage and mages’ academy that she ran. There Abel received both an education and training as an arcanist. Nimble and clever and charming and cunning, Abel proved himself a natural at spellcasting and at adventuring in the shadows, figuratively and literally.

Now an adult, Abel remains close to Siella and is an active member of her order, the Mages of Whitlocke, serving as a liaison and public face for the group.

Recently, he received from Siella instructions to find a partially-opened eldritch blue door and pass through it. Easily enough done. As to why she had sent Abel over to this Golem City, or what he’s supposed to find or do here, hasn’t yet been revealed. But that’s okay. He’s ready for whatever awaits him.

Abel d'Argenan

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