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Quest Marches is the West Marches style campaign for members of the Meetup group Dungeons & Dragons of the South Bay! ( List of DMs)

What game are we playing?

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

What does “West Marches” mean?

A West Marches style campaign is suited for multiple players (10+) to engage in the same campaign. It’s structure is a little different than a normal campaign in these areas (taken from RPG stack exchange):

  1. There is no regular time: every session is scheduled by the players
  2. There is no regular party: each game has different players drawn from a pool of many people
  3. There is no regular plot: The players decided where to go and what to do. It is a sandbox game in the sense that you will be creating a map of the world (and it may or may not be “right”)

The goal is to have a campaign with the entire group and have everyone coordinate to explore the surrounding world together but at their own pace/ schedule.

Matt Colville created a great video explaining the concept.
For more information, see the RPG Stack Exchange post.

Sounds Great, how do I start?

First you’ll need to join the game – request an invitation by joining Dungeons & Dragons of the South Bay and sending the organizer a message.

Here is how you get to join a gaming session

Please note that this is a living campaign and we are just starting. There may be any number of parts that we have not foreseen, or we need to dial up/down. We are happy for your feedback and please bear with us if we do need to change anything.